Military Job Choices – What to Do When You Don’t Know Which Career to Pick…

Getting a job with the military is something that many men and women think about when they consider their futures. The Army, Navy, Air force, Marines and the Coast Guard offer jobs that are so varied– it is really impossible NOT to find your niche

Consider Military Jobs in the Navy…

Military jobs and careers are open are available in many categories in all US armed forces.

Just a few jobs in the Navy are listed below:

  • Arts and Photography
  • Law Enforcement
  • Aviation
  • Legal
  • Business Management
  • Mechanical and Industrial
  • Computers
  • Medical and Dental
  • Construction and Building
  • News and Media
  • Electronics
  • Emergency, Fire and Rescue
  • Religion
  • Engineering
  • Special Operations
  • World Languages Intelligence and Communications
  • Attorneys
  • Nuclear Power
  • Submarine
  • Warfare
  • Logistics
  • Intelligence
  • Hardwood Floors Installer
  • Florida Business Broker
  • More

The Navy even has a program if you DON’T know what job you want to do! The program for the Navy is called the Journeyman Program. You get to pick three job types you are interested in and then apprentice for a short time at literally dozens of jobs related to those three. So if you are confused, you know where to go!

All the Armed Forces have “test job programs.” What’s the perfect one for you?

Find your way to serve our country with the right military job!